About Us

FONG WING SHING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED and PCL CONSTRUCTION LIMITED have been established as general building contractors in Hong Kong since 1982 and 1992 respectively. We are experienced construction companies on full spectrum of building industry throughout building construction, addition and alteration, renovation, and maintenance. We are specialist contractor of site formation works as well. We contribute in a full life cycle of buildings.

Currently, we have invested and engaged into an innovative era of construction industry. Four major sectors have been focused namely Building Information Modelling, BIM; Digital Works Supervision System, DWSS; Design for Manufacture & Assembly, DfMA and Modular Integrated Construction, MiC. We have engaged with BIM Manager and BIM coordinator to enhance BIM task force.  We believe that, as well as having solid and profound experience in the industry, the new and innovative technologies could spur to and improve the building construction processes to enhance a good Time, Safety and Quality performance of our end products. Looking ahead, we will continue our utmost effort to work with dedication and strive for construction service excellence in the construction market.

Construction Licences

  • List of Approved Contractors for Public Works in Group C [Confirmed] for Buildings Category.
  • Register of General Building Contractors.
  • Register of Specialist Contractor – Site Formation Works
  • List of Building Contractors for Hong Kong Housing Authority in the Building [New Works] Category – Group NW1.
  • List of Building Contractors for Hong Kong Housing Authority in the Building [Maintenance Works] Category – Group M2.


on execution of building design.


the top quality performance.


for improvement and innovation.

Time, Quality and Safety management are our basis of business philosophy.”

The key is not spending in Time but investing in it and offering Quality service by securing best quality and cost competitiveness. The Safe way is the best way. By securing these 3 core values, FWS and PCL deliver construction projects to the satisfaction of the Employers, Consultants and End-users.

Time, Safety and Quality.

Management Team

William Yip

The Chairman

William Yip is the Director and Chairperson of FWS and PCL. He has extensive experiences in the construction industry and corporate management for more than 30 years. Apart from that, he was also appointed into director board and as corporate committee member of several listed companies in Hong Kong since 1998. He has devoted his profession, experiences and wisdom in FWS and PCL. Besides, Mr. Yip’s vision is edgeless that he is also well versed in the development of properties in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Vincent Chow

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Chow joined FWS in 2020 as CEO. He is responsible for overseeing company operation and execution as well as taking lead of project management. He has more than 30 years of experience in both construction management and contract administration in the construction industry. Prior to joining FWS, he worked for several well-known construction firms and acted general manager of construction arm of property developer. He is a corporate member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.

C K Chan

General Manager

C K Chan joined FWS as Site Agent in 1990. He has been provided with on-job training and gradually promoted to General Manager in 2013. Under his outstanding supervision, many public housing projects had been successfully completed. He has more than 30 years of experience in construction industry since 1984.