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Renovation Work at Prince of Wales Hospital – PWH2 – 1/F of Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building & PWH5 – 1/F of Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinices

Client                        :    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Project Manager       :    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Engineer                   :    The Chinese University of 
Hong Kong

Contract Sum            :    HK$9,643,719.00

Commencement Date :    19 June 2018

Completion Date        :    31 March 2020

Job Details
                 :    The alterations and additions to 5 nos of classroom at 1/F Clinical Scineces building and learning centre at Lai ka shing specialist clinics, including demolition and re-partitioning work, re-finishes work and M&E installation and interior fitting out work

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